I’d like to create a word – onsening; the joyful practice of preparing for and entering into into a calm pool of water from a Japanese hot spring. You can find lots of images and descriptions of onsen, especially the traditional outdoor onsen, but it is actually the social process, the onsening, that had the […]

The Best Gift Ever

With all the “retro” pics on FB today its clear that it’s the people and experiences we remember long after a holiday has past. Don’t get me wrong. There are those times are some thing is particularly important. Interestingly the value of those important things is commonly the thought or understanding behind the choice. Often […]

Walking Into an Artist’s World

My daughter recorded these images at the home of a James Hubbell in the summer of 2011.  Every visit to his home is an opportunity to see the world through the eyes of unique and wonderful individual who has honored me with his friendship and encouragement.

What a Smile Means

In 1998 architecture students from Russia, Mexico, China, and the US were in San Diego to work on a project together.  Two years later I interviewed these same students and  heard stories from several of them about how they perceived smiles.  The Chinese students were very concerned about how they would feel working with the […]

The Quality of Music

Continuing with the theme of music, pardon the pun, my husband is listening to flamenco guitar right now and I find it virtually impossible to concentrate. The plucking of the stings has a percussive quality that knocks my thoughts aside before they can make their way from my head to my fingers. It is impossible […]